The people who described themselves as such said, and invaded India to make a ruling class to form.

These populations originated came by the environment of the Caspian Sea from Continental Europe and the Russian plains, and scattered themselves by catastrophes depopulated areas in the Middle East and North Africa. The Germanic tribes are considered to be the same development.

Refer to as the Aryan race is irresponsible, but can generally be said that a large proportion of the domestic population of Europe almost general and mental development, whatever their language, has much in common. These nations are notable by their lack of social development, their extreme attachment to glitter, luxury, power, and their use of excessive aggression toward congeners. It is these people that the roots of all great modern western religions provided. Striking is the great attachment to the ceremonial and the associated listening that out of clothing, ornaments and jewelry, especially recognizable in religious ceremonies, especially Judaism, Christianity and Hinduism.

Stories showing the importance attached hereto is found in the stories and legends about gods, kings, heroes, dragon slayer, invincible weapons, and the frequency thereof. These stories are found only where people, from the European inland, life or mingled. The Bible story shows these characteristics and should be included in this group.

Personal cult and the pursuit of immortality through fame or the perpetuation of statues and buildings, or property and wealth in graves were given, it draws this people explicitly. The existence of inheritance and rights of the firstborn, where power and wealth is bundled, and the importance that is attached hereto, are only with them and their descendants can be found as products of their instinctive individualism.

Especially inland populations of Europe and their descendants in North Africa and the Middle East especially, surprised everyone with their vast personality cult, power hunger and aggression.

These inland peoples were also base for western nobility and capitalism. Aryans and Germanic surpass this other western nations and developments, including others of the Celtic peoples of Western Europe, previously as a faint copy could be regarded.

Aryans can be described as the most striking and largest social degradation and threat to humanity and our planet.


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